Firebase associação de dados em uma txtbox

Olá, boa tarde.

Estou com dificuldades com o banco de dados firebase, sendo mais específico estou conseguindo registrar no banco de dados, ler as informações, porém quando associo a informação do banco de dados no txtbox todas ficam com a mesma informação, gostaria de que a informação fosse registrada de forma individual

Notem que a informação se repete, no banco de dados está separado:


Essa é a parte do bloco de buscar no bd.

It is not obvious as to what your issue is?

Is the screenshot how you want it to look when the data is returned ?

Or are you unable to return the data from Firebase ?

If your projectBucket is this:


then call this to fetch all the data:


Isn't it obvious what your problem is?

I am able to save the information in Firebase, but I cannot return the data satisfactorily

Is the screenshot how you want it to look when the data is returned?

Yes, I want you to return the date separately. the 5M1 button, for example, I want it to return the date corresponding to that code, 5M2 in the same way..., but it is returning the same date for everyone

Or are you unable to return data from Firebase?

The data is returning, but in the wrong way, I did a test using a notifier, every time I pressed the button to search the information changed.

If anything, I can send you the file. ia from the app.


Try like this:




Thank you very much for the help.

I'm still having trouble, could you help me find the error?

my firebase structure is this, this could be the error?


Yes, your Moinho1 tag is one layer down, so it is not a direct projectBucket.

How do I fix this problem?

In Designer:


In Blocks


For now, I'm sorry for insisting, I don't have much knowledge, I'm still having problems, could you continue to help me correct them?

When I press the "Atualizar" button, the date does not change according to the database.

below complete blocks:



Wrong event block, should be:


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My dear, now it worked, thank you very much!

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