Firebase application

Hi, I would like to create an app firebase integration application where me as a admin can send digital credits to users accounts, the users can use those credits to support ideas posted on the newsfeed of the app, example of a ides could be lets create a community swimming pool :goggles: limit of supports is 5,000 seats :chair: meaning only 5,000 members can chip in 200 credits each minimum to reserve their supporter seat. Each post I make will have a bio describing the idea to the members, it will display how many seats available, Everytime a member reserves their seat it will update the view of how many seats are left. Members can only reserve one seat per post I make and they must have the full amount of credits to do so, Every time they reserve a seat the credits are automatically deducted from their account. The message icon in my photos allows members to message me directly, the ledger icon in my photos allows members to see their activities of where they have sent out credits, the globe icon is to show members the ideas posted for them to chip in with their credits.

Interesting idea. Let us know how you get on.