Firebase APK not working, companion is good

This is a project that a group in our afterschool program put together. I can include the .aia file. The app works well with the companion, but when I create an .apk file we've got an error.
It's a language learning app where the name, image, and sound are written/stored in the firebase db and that information is retrieved and used in the app as a learning tool.
We already had problems which I think was the cache for the db and used the FirebaseDB.Unauthenticate. Initialize which seemed to clear up the problem with the AI companion.
We really could use some help because the Apk file is needed for an upcoming competition.

Nakoda_Knowledge.aia (1.5 MB)

  1. Did you remove the Firebase.Unauthenticate block before compiling the APK ?
  2. What error message, if any, do you get from the app (compiled) when running it ?

I tried it both ways without the authentication block and with it. Either way it doesn't work.
For example, I get an error for a food category: Error Unable to load Nakodabread.mp3

The images don't load, and the error message is with the accompanying mp3s

I do not see your app actually storing any data to Firebase, it is already there from another source?

What does the data structure look like on Firebase?

Yes it's stored from another admin app that was created here's an image of the database

In the app you can see the projectbucket refers to this

OK, where are all those image and mp3 files?

Uploaded to the Firebase db

What I don't understand is why we can retrieve the name, image, sound from the Firebase DB when in companion mode, but not with the APK

How ? Do you mean Firebase Storage?
There should at least be a full url to call down each file?

This may depend on what you have stored in your assets folder on your companion (not necessarily just the ones you see in the app)

Ok, I'm a bit confused now. We configured the Firebase db to contain a tag, name, image, sound which were stored via the Admin app
animal1: cat, cat.png, catsound.mp3

When we retrieve this information with a GotValue block

These are simply strings, no binary files are stored

If that's the case, why does it work retrieving the information in the AI Companion?
We don't have any of those images stored as assets on the app

Does the admin app (if used on the same device) contain all these files, in assets, for uploading ?

In which case, they will be "available" to other apps run on companion.

Let us fix the compiled app.

Decide where you want to store all your image and mp3 files, then we can work up the urls for these. You should only have to add the additional url information to the image and sound blocks, no changes to anything else. You might need to introduce a clock timer for the sound component in order to give it time to set the source.

I thought they were elements not just a string
animal12: "["cat","Cat.jpg", "NakodaCat.mp3"]

Yes, the Admin app contains all of the assets for uploading.
Thanks appreciate the help.

Is there a way to store them in the FirebaseDB and retrieve them. I don't understand the need for a specific URL?

If you want to use Firebase Storage:

If the link does not take you there, scroll down a little bit to:
The Firebase Storage URL requirements

Ok, I'll watch it and see how it relates to what we want to do.
Thank you