Fire base TAG list issue

I have used Call -> Ger Taglist and next i have used WHEN Firebase Taglist, but the system is not conidering Taglist and not entering into it

Please check and help on this

Do you have any tags in your firebase project? If there are none then the getTagList does not work.

If you have tags in your firebase project, check you have the correct projectBucket set.

Yes I have Tags in my firebase project.
Not sure how to check the correct ProjectBucket set
Can you guide me on this

If your firebase data looked like this:


and you want to return all the tags in CURRENCY (which will be a list of dates)

then you would need to set your project bucket to CURRENCY, then call the Tag List. You can then use these tags to get a value or values from the tag (EUR/USD). (Note: if CURRENCY is already your top level projectBucket then there is no need to make any changes)

If your firebase data has more levels above, then reset you project bucket to the default you set in the designer

Thanks Timai
i have made currency as my Tag list and used Call GET tag list. and its working fine. And outside the GET Tag list DO condition i have used When Firebase Tag List to have a additional check to not to replace existing data, but system is not considering When firebase Tag list

Can you please show your blocks for this?

Put the value coming back from firebase in a label so you can be sure you are getting a list.

You do not show your setting of the project bucket....