Fire Base DB is Crashing my application

I am a Ayush and developer of many app for the society but in some app i used to have a firebaseDB component but when i use firebase it starts crashing please help me


I never used FireBase before but can you tell what is happening and maybe show some examples of the apps that "crash".

Remember that



  • in what environment do you run Firebase?
  • do you have your own Firebase DB, or do you use the MIT server?

Application stoped unfortunatly
This is what is showen
after re opening
App stoped unfortunatly saying plz help

Remember the Firebase is an experimental feature that will maybe crash. You are reminded with the possible consequences. Read Peter's screenshot again.

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So how I will ad firebases to my apps
In youtubers screen it is working properly

Read my sentence again.

It says that it will maybe crash at any circumstance.

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Ok Gordon_Lu Thanks I may try With Cloud DB

Did you created your project using AI2Offline maybe ?

Show your relevant blocks, designer setup, firebase console data, etc.