Finding other AP SSID IP address

Does anyone know an MIT extension that can return the IP address of another AP SSID (than the one connected to) on the WiFi network (I mean, not the IP address of the SSID where your’re connected to, because that is easy to find with Taifun’s extension).
Taifun’s extension can give the MAC address of every scanned SSID, but not it’s IP addresses, and that is what I need.
Apparently there should be an extension that allows for this, but unable to find …

which method of the wifi extension are you talking about?


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Is this what you need ?
After the list of SSIDs has been scanned and loaded, I need to know the IP address of the SSID named VMBVOX. I can print its Strength and MAC address, but not its IP address (I tried to join the “call TaifunWiFi1.AccessPointIP” instead of the “get ssid”, but it doesn’t want to click in.
It is only printing the IP address of the router, not of one of its dhcp clients.
As far as I understand, I should have an orange block on the top with something like “listIP” to make it work (but that’s too easy shortcut of course :wink: ), or should I make another approach to get to the result I need, or is it a bug ?.

which means, you are talking about the AvailableSSID method, which currently can return SSID, RSSI and BSSI of all available SSIDs

see here concerning the available information ScanResult  |  Android Developers
as you can see, the IP address of the SSID is not available there...

because that method returns the ip address of the access point, which is not a list

using the wifi extension you only can get the IP address of the current SSID...


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I understand, but is there another extension that can give the IP addresses of each AP SSID in a WiFi LAN ? This would also be a solution of course.