Find duplicate index in csv with multi column by wanted index

in attached csv file need to get duplicate by index2 which mean column 2 in csv file which contain three column so ineed to find duplicate by (index 2=column two) in csv file more duplicate but not delete becasue of data in column 1 and column 3 so how to fix do each to get by column wanted or index wanted if i delete column (1)and column (3) it work but ineed to fix code to work on required index as per attched csv file new file saved same as loaded one no any delete in file
Duplicate_2 (1).aia (3.6 KB)

LI_LIST.CSV (387 Bytes)

Try like this:

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That's quite a run-on sentence in your requirements.

Is it possible that you only want the row numbers (indexes) of those rows that have duplicate values in column 2, for the purpose of later presenting them to some cleanup process?


if ineed to get notify that data index 2 already exist how can ido it ?
onebutton (check availability of index, append to file to same as read file name (LI_LIST.CSV )

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