Finally Card View Extension for MIT AI2

Please note that this extension is in beta and from
Author Website: AK Tech Developer
Author YT Channel:
Kindly note that it has few bugs, hope someone can solve the bug and so everyone can use it.

For more details, watch this video

Get the code from here: - Google Drive


What a coincidence...I am also nearly done with my own CardView extension.


You might wanna credit me before sending this to community as this is not yours

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@Aarush_Kumar That's why I have embedded your Video

But you still have to credit the author. It is like showing other's work without crediting them.


post edited :heart:

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You should point to the developers website instead of putting it in your Google Drive. I unlist it for now.

ok I don't know and also I have completely edited it now.

It's not mine, it's Developers URL shared in the description of YouTube Video.

its mine only and ig its best to change the post's ownership to me ig?

Ok no issue for me, All I need is a new Card View extension which many people are searching for

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  • And... AIX???...