Final project high school (irrigation system with an arduino.)

Hello everyone,
I'm in my last year of highschool and i have to make a final project. I made an automatic irrigation system with an arduino. I have 9 relay and 6 of them have to work with a timer. Now the problem is that i don't know how to make that. Could someone help me please?
Kind regards
Kobe Asselberghs

Welcome Kobe.

The link contains several App Inventor discussions of building an app for building an irrigation control. Some of the discussions contain code that may give you some ideas about building your irrigation project.

When you have a specific question, ask again and someone will provide advice. :smile:

The irrigation system will have to follow and maintain a schedule itself.

It would need to

  • Know the time
  • Remember the last time it turned on or off each valve
  • Work the schedule
  • Remember the on/off schedule for each valve
  • Present all the above to the app
  • Accept update requests from the app to all the above.

no it has to work on sensors and on an app where i can set a timer. it doens't have to work all by itself