Filter with list picker not visible text

Please help me.
I have 1 project create in 2017 and I use list picker with filler. When I typing text, it not visible in filler tab. I want text typing in filler tab visible. Help me!
Now, In version project 2020, I see text filler visible. How update old project?

In the Designer, is the List Picker’s Show Filter bar option turned on?

If that is not the problem, and you see the filter bar but not your text,
check to see what the colors are for your text and the background,
that they don’t match.

This is aia file have problem: TPMOLD.aiaTPMOLD.aia (723.1 KB)
Please test.

Capture1 Capture

I see text in the filter bar.
So what’s wrong?

Is this happening on specific models of phones?
I have seen reports of theme problems on different phones.

This problem occur in this project. The new project ok.
I checked many phones. :frowning:

The text are actually present but is in white colour.
Try setting the theme under Screen1 to 'Classic'.
The text will be visible in the Listview filter bar.