Files are not getting saved into /Documents/

Hi there,

i have some trouble with file savings into the /Documents/ Folder on Android 13.

here are some screenshots of my relevant blocks:
Default File Scope is set to legacy.

with those blocks, the file/folder /Documents/fuehrerschein/Dokumente/dummy.png is created right in the shared Folder.

but if i want to save a .csv file later, it is saving into the app specific folder.
No matter if i disable the canvas folder creation or enable it. (also not working if i use as directory directly /Documents/)

Maybe you can help me figure out why the .csv file created by nfc is not saving into the right folder.

For the Canvas component, I think you should also specify the image type, such as .png.

.png is automatically attached :slight_smile:

Did you set the File component filescope to Legacy ? (default is App)

yes, is set to legacy, as i wrote in first post :slight_smile:

I assumed you meant the default filescope in Screen1 properties?

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What does "later" mean?

If you mean on another screen, then you are right. DefaultFileScope=Legacy only works on Screen1 for the Canvas component. On all other screens it saves files in the ASD. I already reported this bug weeks ago.

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With later i mean, after the initialisation of screen1, the whole App ist only on screen1.

Ah of course, you use the File component to save a CSV file. File component has its own FileScope, so you must set it to Legacy (or Shared) as well.

Like this:


Which is what I said above :smiley:

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oh my god, sorry... did not realize that :smiley: thought you mean screen1, i had no idea, that the file component has that setting too.

i will try tomorrow, thank you so far.

seems working, thank you very much.

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