FileProtection: Protect your files

1. Introduction

Description: Using this extension you can encrypt files in a way that they will behave like corrupted so that they can't be opened outside of your app until decrypted again.
Latest Version: 1
Released: 2023-08-09T18:30:00Z
Last Updated: 2023-08-09T18:30:00Z

Thanks to @Alexandre_Gorine for sponsoring this extension

2. Blocks

3. Docs

Encrypt File

It encrypts/corrupts file so that users can't open it themselves. So your files will be safe and can't be manipulated easily.
Note: It accepts file path only (no SAF content/document uri) and works only if app owns the file.

Decrypt File
Decrypts the previously encrypted file and makes it usable.

Set Bytes Count
Altering even 1 byte is enough to encrypt most files but to be safe you should choose something like 100 and or above.
Default value is 50.


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the file is viewable in App ASSETS after build

Assets are read only, you can't manipulate them.


If you protect a file in one app, can you unprotect it in another app?

Yes, it is possible.

Is it possible to include a password, so that a typed in password is required to decrypt the file. This to avoid extra blocks to do the same....

hmmm, I guess one can use bytes count for that :wink:

ok understood.

but i came to know that once the file is decrypted,
then it is not encrypting again, which can be viewed again without decryption even after closing and reopen the app.

we need to again call encryption block, inorder to encrypt it.

so can you modify your extension to auto-encrypt again,

because we need to encrypt after every decrypt inorder to protect the file


I tried myself and yes we need to encrypt after each decrypt, else the file can be accessed by any app.

This also a good idea

Amazing and useful extension :star_struck::star_struck::+1:

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No encryption is happening internally. It is kind of pseudo encryption where I just manipulate some bytes.

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can you encript a csv file for update values csv in a app and decript when the csv was update the values of app succesuflly?


i have a csv. so using your extension i am encrypt the csv. next using in other app the blocks to reverse encript of the file csv that before i encrypt uptdating the values in my app that contains the sequence csv logic in my app.

more easy to undrstand me can i encrypt a csv file and reverse?