File scope , Proberly asked before

Have now been struggeling for a while.
Have app, to take a picture and send to email when send.
But no mater how, i allways gets error.
By Campaigion
Show file Send
App : X Fail
Asset : X Fail
Cache : X Fail
Legacy : X Fail
Private : X Fail
Shared : X Fail

When build version
Show Send
App : X Fail
Asset : CRASH
Cache : CRASH
Legacy : X Fail.
Private : CRASH
Shared : X Fail.

Here is code for it all.

I use Taifun's Mail extensions.
App is only for my own use, so all suggestion is welcome

Android version ?
How tested: companion / compiled / both ?
If companion, up to date (2.66 at time of writing)

Also your blocks are unreadable, use right click on blocks editor and download as image. Do not resize.

Android 13
As you can see, tested by companion and by build.
Show Send.
Ok Fail. On every filescope from App-Asset-Cache-Legacy-Private-Shared.
12 version is tested.
When presse on camera button. in some build version the app crashes.
Give you a better "Test result."
Failed version

And some new blocks. Only the left side should be usefull.

You have a problem with your file paths...


is not a path to a file

This should work with filescope = App, given the image is in your ASD
Make sure it is set in Screen1 and File component....

You may need to ask for READ permission ?

Ok, maybe a file problem, but do not see how to fix it.
I use camera component , and sets picture components image to picture taken, ( Works ok)
When i will send the pictures/text, it just takes the "files" from the list created when each picture was taken.

I have set filescope = APP , build the app, and when i pressed button to take picture, it ask for permission to acces the files.

But still error when sending mail.

Please show us a Do it result of your AttachmentsList

use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
see also Live Development, Testing, and Debugging Tools

Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.


Wrong, have been testing something, back again with this

Next testing ,

App on phone get this error.

But the DO It gives another path,
Missing // after file:/

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I have never used the TaifunMail extension and do not know it. We need to know which (file) path "attachments" requires:

  • full path
  • absolute path
  • relative path
  • ASD-redirected path (like the File component; so just the filename for the root directory of the ASD).

You are using a list as attachment, however according to the documentation App Inventor Extensions: Mail | Pura Vida Apps

Also you can add several attachments, use a comma as delimiter.

Which means, add a list to csv row block to convert your list to a csv row....

See also the example app how to use the extension correctly


Thanx, i have used LIST FROM CSV ROW. instead...
Now it works,

so it's List to csv row or List from csv row?

That works.

So "attachments" should actually NOT accept a list (just a string).