File Picker extension to pick a file or folder

I’m not able to find any extension for FilePicker in MIT list of extensions, I can see it for AppyBuilder and other platforms… Can you please suggest if we have any for MIT app inventor? Thanks for your support…

I tried to use this Thunkable plaform extension - aix file, however it is not giving me the desired results… Not sure the Thunkable or appyBuilder extensions will work for MIT app inventor… Please confirm… Thanks

Hi @Prabu_joyous
You can simply pick a file using activity starter.
Google it for more information.

Thank you for the response…

I see this,!msg/mitappinventortest/JuAX2ZFQGcs/MRljF7BIDAAJ

I guess this is what you are mentioning I think… There is a dependncy that the users of this app to install a file manager… Is it? Please give me a clarity… Thanks

You should check this:

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OK… Thanks. Will use it if any issues, will come back…

there are the following extensions
File Picker Plus Extension by Andres Daniel (12 USD)
FileChooser Extension by Ben (10 USD)
File Explorer Extension (Version 3) by Juan Antonio for Android versions < Android 7, see also here.
File Chooser Extension by Said Dev (10 EUR)
File Explorer Extension by Kus Zab (free and 5 USD)
File Picker Extension by Deep Host

see also the extensions directory here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps

note: generally you can use all extensions for App Invnetor or one of its distributions, there are only a few exceptions for extensions which have been made using the Kodular IDE


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

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Taifun, Thank you very much for the detailed list… Much appreciated…

I have bought File Picker Plus Extension by Andres Daniel I received the extension aix file from him, I have implemented into my code block, PickFolder extension is not working as desired… 1. I give start folder as “/”, however the PickFolder function is not picking the folder… 2. When I choose the folder on file picker, FolderPicked event is never called… Am I missing something? Please see the code block and advice me. I contacted Andres Daniel, he might be travelling, didn’t respond so for… Thanks for your help folks…

you can contact him in the community also like this: @Andres_Cotes

Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

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@Andres_Cotes Now somehow figured that for PickFolder function, when the user selects a file or folder then FilePicked event is fired, both cases only the folder is sent in path,without the file name… One problem is when user comes into a folder, if he just press OK button without selecting any file, it only selects folder path upto the parent only, it excludes the selected folder, however if a file is selected then it has complete path…

Thank you Taifun

I have an issue when I save the working folder for my app, Through FilePicker I got the path of my working folder “/storage/emulated/0/HealeeDB/” but when I use this to combine to refer a file, “/storage/emulated/0/HealeeDB/M_Clinic.csv”, if try to write to the file, The File component takes reprocesses the path as “/storage/emulated/0/storage/emulated/0/HealeeDB/M_Clinic.csv” and giving following error…

If I change the path to “file:///storage/emulated/0/HealeeDB/M_Clinic.csv” Then it gives following error, So basically I can only be able to refer the file as “/HealeeDB/M_Clinic.csv”, The FilePicker gives absolute path, however File component parses the path and modifies… Any solution for this problem please… Thanks

@Taifun With FilePicker path “/storage/emulated/0/HealeeDB/” , your TaiFunFile.copy method is working fine… Only the MIT’s File component has the path issue… How are you resolving the path? The File component is handling it differently… Thanks

The File Component uses / needs the relative path, so try this to change the absolut path to relative,


Thanks Anke… My android phone has internal storage and an additional SD card… The FilePicker shows both of them and it allows to pickup files or folders from…

If you see emulated is the internal storage, and “D4F4-0EBA” is the SD card root folder… All file access of MIT App Inventor is hard coded to the absolute path of “/storage/emulated/0/”, that means we will have to manage only with Internal storage? This limitation is not a problem for my application, however I just wanted to know the technical possibility… Thanks again

See eg here:

... or here:

@Anke, in both above two solutions, writing operations of the files are allowed only on internal storage, if required just copying or reading operations are only done on SD Card… Thanks…

Yes, the external (removable) SDcard is only readable (since Android 4.4, KitKat).

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