File not saving work

When I open a file I've been working on, I keep getting a message that says,
"It appears that Screen1 has had all blocks removed.
You can save the empty screen, and then all those blocks will be permanently gone from the project.
Alternatively, you can restore the previously saved version of this project."

It then gives me the option to Save the Empty Screen Now or Restore the Previous Version. Either one I choose has not been working. The option keeps popping up and I'm not able to work on the app. It also has not been saving my work.

Strange one.

You have blocks on Screen1 ?

Have you tried making a copy of your project (Projects > Save project as...) to see if the problem persists?

Cmq รจ buona regola effettuare dei salvataggi del file AIA ogni 30 minuti.

Welcome Katie.

Typically happens if you delete a component from the Project when it is the only component in the Project.

If you select Save the Empty Screen, you lose the ability to do anything else. Selecting that precludes your ability to Restore the Previous Version.

Doing that may have corrupted the Project. :cry:

So, start a new Project perhaps.

What has not been saving. Not saving changes to this particular app or saving any Projects you are working on?

Try Tim's advice. If it does not work use the aia you have been saving regularly to rebuild the Project. You have been saving backups haven't you?

or save an aia.