File List Directory with filescope shared shows all files

This block shows all media files in my phone (android 11) also those in the removable sdcard.
How can I show only the files in /Documents without using filters?

Set FileScope to Legacy (instead of Shared).
And: /Documents (not documents)

With legacy it shows only folders, not media files.

You must request READ permissions (to list also files not created by the app):

With your blocks I can see only folders in /Documents

Post the aia.



CARDS2.aia (2.0 KB)
It shows me only folders in /Documents, no media files.
Why filescope shared shows me all media files in all folders ? Is it a bug ?

Where is the problem with it?

Yes, and I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it at some point before.

But I've reported so many bugs over the past few years, and especially the past few months, that I can't remember each one, or when and where (which topic I mentioned it in).

See post 7, I updated it.

If only folders are shown, then there are only folders (and no images).

My files in Documents

With the aia attached I can see only Myfolder.

Apparently you deleted the Shared folder
/Documents at some point and later recreated it - but then like this:
/documents. And this folder is now no longer a Shared folder and cannot accessed on Android 11+ without SAF.


You are right, the app runs well with Download folder, how can I restore the shared Documents folder ? is it possible ?

How about trying something yourself.
So try renaming it to /Documents.

Do I have to check that on my test devices for you first??? :upside_down_face:

I asked you because I renamed documents to Documents with X-plore, but the issue was not fixed, I think I need to change folder's attributes, but I don't know how

  1. Rename this folder to /Documents1 on your test device.
  2. Then create the folder /Documents
  3. Then copy the images from /Documents1 to /Documents
  4. and try again ...
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Thank You Anke, I solved with your suggestion.

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