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I have some problems with File component. I cannot save file to sd card. In the file name I have /FileName.txt but it saves the file to the phone storage anyway. How to save the file to sd card ? It is clearly written place”/” to save on sd card … How to solve this ?

the file component is only able to store to the internal (emulated) sdcard
also starting from Android 10 you only will be able to store to the application specific directory...
see also


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Ok , clear . But how to copy file to sd card or connected USB stick later on ?

the newer the Android version the more likely you will not be able to do this anymore
see the discussion below the Copy method of the file extension here App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps


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See also here:

If you have an Android 10 (or 11) you could email the file (if it is a text file) to yourself or send the file to a Google Spreadsheet on your Google Drive and download it on your PC to your USB stick.

There are other awkward possibilities.