File component problem - reading paths with spaces

Hello, as a consequence of the fact that the way the file component works has changed, (with reading restrictions from Andoid 10, etc) now I cannot read files that contain spaces in their path (before if I could read them with the file component)
Now it only reads me the ones that do NOT contain spaces in their path.

Does anyone know if there is now a way to read files containing spaces in their path and how to do it?

Example of error trying to read file with spaces in the path (Legacy mode):

Hello Isaac

Not even sure you can use Legacy mode in Android 11 for file read or indeed if you can use the path that you show, but even if you can, you would have to maintain two sets of paths to comply with Android 11 - not worth the trouble unless of course your App is never going to be used on Android 11.

The file should either be stored in the ASD (App Specific Directory) or an Android Shared Folder.

Concerning spaces in Directory names, they are not necessary and best avoided, though you could if you wish try replacing spaces with %20.

Please read Anke's Guide:

For now I don't care if Legacy mode works or not on Android 11, I am working on a device with Android 9.

I need the file component to read the files that contain spaces in their name, since the application is aimed at users who can import files with names given by them. I have tried to replace the spaces with "% 20" and it has not worked ...



You will therefore need to wait until the spaces in path issue is fixed and released by MIT.

It may be the release nb187 causing the issue, it is therefore worth a try selecting Legacy File Scope or File component Legacy mode checkbox....

Okay, for now I have found a little workaround, using the extension "taifunfile1" to copy the file containing spaces to a path without spaces and from there read the file.

Thank you very much for your answers.

... and all your Users are on Android 9?

What I was trying to say was that it is best to use a solution that works on most Android versions and the way to do that is to comply with Android 11 requirements in terms of directories used.