File and Directories

Trying to get list of directories and files with this. However, this lists all the files in all the folders including external SD as one single list. Is there any way to list folder's and files in one specific folder?

Provide the specific folder path in the directoryName socket....?

Yes, e.g. using the TaifunFile extension. But on devices with Android 11+ you can only list → non-media files that were created by the app itself. See also here and here.

Thank you for replying. However, no matter what path I specify the list of items is the same. I am trying FileTools extension and getting what I wanted so far.

Thank you. I checked the links and found FileTools. I have a device with Android 11 and FileTools extension has been helpful. Many thanks to Sunny Gupta.

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Thank You. This helps a lot. I am making progress. Changing file scope was the key. When Scope is "shared", File1 block gives out all media files in internal and external storage no matter what the directoryName is. When scoped as Legacy it works as intended.