Feedback for GSoC '24 proposal

Hello everyone,
I'm Simone Santin, a Computer Science student from Italy and I'm very excited about the opportunity to take part in GSoC this year, especially with projects focusing on developing image and audio classifiers for Android and iOS.

I've already written a proposal for these projects and would greatly appreciate some feedback on it, especially from @DavidKim and @ewpatton, as I've noticed that you could potentially be the mentors for these projects. Thanks a lot!

@DavidKim @ewpatton I apologize for tagging you again, but I would really appreciate your comments and feedback. Thank you, and sorry once again.

Be patient. Now it's the weekend and Easter, so I don't think anyone will answer.


Hi Simone :wave: ,
I saw that you are working on implementing PAC and PIC components for mobile. There is a chance for us to be working together this summer because , I am trying to integrate PAC and PIC training to app inventor site through property editors.
So I wish you the very best on your journey and I hope that we get a chance to work close this summer on this platform :smile: