[Feature requests] - Language

Hello everyone.

These are just ideas (not sure about this at all):
Make the language Object Oriented
User defined types (data structures)

Note my previous suggestions about the language itself was already supported, so I stripped down it

Thank you for submitting these ideas. I’m not sure where they will fall in terms of priority for the MIT team but I’ll just comment really quick. Bitwise and xor are both important but they can be written with a procedure and reused through out the app and then the procedure put into backpack and used in other apps so these I think would be seen as low priority.

Localization is another sort of nice feature but usually seen as an optional or add-on type of thing. If you need it, @Red_Panda made an i18n extension that works like a charm.

These are just my humble comments from one inventor to another. Thank you and best of luck.

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Suggestions appreciated. Could you be more specific about what you would like to see? The developers do read these posts.


Updated request

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