[Feature Request] Suggestion for name of downloaded blocks as PNG/image

I have a suggestion to the AppInventor's development team.
Whenever the blocks are downloaded as an image, they are saved in the downloads section as - blocks (blocks ++)

Instead of that if there could be two improvements on it -

  • Allow the user to choose the directory and give the blocks a name

  • Save the blocks in the downloads with the name -
    projectName\screenName or something more similar for easy identification.

I quite often use this feature to see my blocks rather than moving around the app inventor workspace, and when I like to see the blocks again, I end up downloading them once again as it is difficult to find the blocks I am looking for. (Though I now rename them and shift to another folder).

It will be highly appreciable if this feature is implemented!

Your web browser can be set to ask the destination for each download through its settings.
At your desired download location, you also get a chance to retype the download file name.

There is room for improvement in AI2' default download file naming convention, I agree.
Procedures' download file names would map nicely against procedure names.
Event block download file names would map to Screen name component event name.
Global variables would map to 'global' variable name.

For the globals and procedures, a bit of copy-paste makes the file naming much easier.

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