[Feature request] Comment blocks - (suggestion)

I know it is possible to put comments on blocks (although the used font is so tiny!) but sometimes I feel the need to comment closely a more complicated sector of program. I've been working it around using a dummy global variable (e.g. REM) and assigning the comment as the value for this variable close to the commented area.
I'm wondering if you guys, could create a set of blocks of a given color (say black) to be totally ignored by the builder (as disabled blocks are), so programmers could use them as a repository for these kind of comments. I believe this would increase too much the code readability.


When you post your next suggestion pls do it on general discussion, and write a title like this:
[Feature request] comment blocks.
I like your suggestion, it is useful.
I am imaging some blocks:
1."These blocks do something"
This Block has a "C" shape, and can content some blocks to indicate that blocks do something.
2. Comment
This is a normal comment block, with an input for text.
3. Comment value
A block that can add a comment, the ignored part and returns the value indicated.
4. [mutator] Comments
A block that adds a comment list.

Got it. Sorry for posting in wrong place

Moved and retitled

You can also try creating an extension for that...