Feature Request: Allow us to edit manifest or some extension api to remove permissions

I want to edit manifest to just remove Internet permission I can edit on apk but I can't do it on aab bundle signing issues headache so please:

  1. add an option in app inventor that asks in starting that your app requires network and internet permssion or not like this?


  1. Allow us to edit manifest before exporting.


  1. Simply introduce some kind of extension api to remove permissions from manifest.


  1. Is it possible to remove permissions by extension? - Discuss - Kodular Community
  2. I don't want to request network permission even when my components want them - Discuss - Kodular Community
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Yes, I agree with you that this should basically be possible using an extension.
But your example is unfortunate, because AI2 has already removed this permission from the Manifest.

However, it should basically be possible to remove a permission from the Manifest via extension, just as it is possible to declare permissions in the manifest via extension in this way.

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It's about INTERNET permission let me edit it.
Edit: Done!

no, because an extension can only add something

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@Anke Ai2Offline added support for toggling internet permission :partying_face: