FAQ Section: Unofficial Tricks

App Inventor Java Bridge

App Inventor Java Bridge Google Group

AppToMarket Forum

Convert AI2 to HTML5

Convert AI2 to Java video

Copying Blocks in AI2

Custom TinyWebDB with Delete function

Developing on tablets using Browser

Font resizing using a WebViewer

How to overcome the App Inventor project limit of 5 MB

Image Resizing on the Client Side

Latest Process To Change App Package Name Made With MIT AI2

Manipulate Screens in AI2?

Multi-touch in AI2

Offline unendorsed versions of AI2

Other versions of App Inventor - Taifun

Project Merger Tool - Feeney

Project Merger Tool in Spanish - Juan Antonio

Running Ads in AI2

Setting Android Alarms using Activity Starter


Tabs in AI2

Who runs the Punya Framework?

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