Failed to Connect to AI Companion

Hi. I failed to connect to the current AI Companion 2.60 with my local open source ai2 server from current GibHub. I have installed and setup my private Rendezvous server. It connects correctly a couple of months ago, but not now.

Is there anyway I can check or verify? Or is there any change that I should make in the past couple of months?

Thank you for your time in advance.

Please show your blocks

Hi. Thanks for the kind reply. I run the sample tutorial project HelloPurr without any change. Here are the blocks. The AI Companion scanned and nothing happened, as attached below.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Your connection code to the Companion somehow included unexpected text in front of the six letter connection code...

Try just typing the six letters into the text box.

P.S. I have no experience regarding connecting to local rendezvous servers. Some one with more experience should take this topic.

Wrong code in companion just type the six letters or scan the qr code
If it worked then please mark as a solution :blush:

That is the code of the host name of our private Rendezvous server, set in appinventor-web.xml and composed and returned from the scanned QR code in the connect menu action. Do you mean that I should stop using our private Rendezvous server?

Actually I tried typped in the six letters directly. It does not work, either. I suspect typing in only the six letters will bring me to the MIT App Inventor server, not our local App Inventor server.
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Just scan it
I also scan the code

I guess this is a good opportunity to learn about running private rendezvous servers.
Do you have a good documentation link for us?

I don't think we've used that functionality in a while, and since we've moved to using WebRTC the rendezvous logic has gotten a bit more complicated. One thing that might be happening is that the first stage rendezvous should go through your rendezvous but it's possible the second stage goes through MIT and that might cause problems, if so. Can you check your rendezvous logs and ensure you see messages from both the phone and the browser? Did you set the default rendezvous server in YaVersion before building your companion app and the server? I think you may also need to edit Screen1.yail of the companion app directly to substitute the correct rendezvous server.

Thanks. I found we have some progress after I removed our private Rendezvous server setting and use the default Rendezvous server.

But I still stuck when downloading the media files (images, etc.) upon AI companion connection. I shall start another thread.