Failed resolution of: Lcom/google/zxing/Encodehinttype

failed resolution of: Lcom/google/zxing/Encodehinttype!

how can i solve this problem?

help me

when I start the apk (generating qr code)

it appears like that

[ failed resolution of: Lcom/google/zxing/EncodehintType ]

how can I solve this problem ?

help me

Are you using an extension? Our zxing code only allows for scanning QR codes. It does not generate QR codes, as suggested by your app UI. If you are using an extension, have you reached out to the extension author?

i want like this (qr code)

but as you know ,the problem that i showed you

it show me "failed resolution of: Lcom/google/zxing/Encodehinttype!" in this app

Adding a Barcode component should fix your problem.
If not then you will have to somehow add Zxing 3.0.0 jar in your app.
Alternatively you can try:

A barcode is created when all companion is connected from the computer.

But if i use the build--> save app and put my own app on my phone, it doesn't create a barcode.

Then you should contact the extension's developer.

how can i send an email to him?

My guess is that in the compiled APK you will also want to include a barcodescanner component. You don't need to use it, but including it will include the extra zxing classes you might need.