Facing issue Related to Webviewer arrangements

Hello everyone , I am facing a issue Related to Webviewer arrangements , below picture will show you full issue

So as you can see that there is gap between TitleBar and Webviewer which is unexpected , I have not make any changes in Webviewer or Mockwebviewer file (yes but made changes in Form and MockForm) , but I can’t relate that changes to this issues , so how to resolve this ? And why I am getting such a issue ?
@ewpatton .
Kunal Mishra

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there is no picture in your post...

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Ohh!! Sorry I just forget to upload that .:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:

That’s a large gap.
Are you sure you don’t have an Arrangement above the Webviewer?

What commit did you branch off of for this version of the companion and which version of Android are you running? We saw something like this when we did the SDK 28 update this summer but it has since been fixed (or so we thought?).

I am using main branch and Android version KitKat as well as Pie .
But I don't know why this error is coming , how I can resolve this .

How you have fixed that time ? Can u please tell that .

The issue with this happening on Android Pie was fixed in this commit:

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Done but its not working .
There is again huge space between Titlebar and WebViewer only in android pie.

Do you see this issue when you build an app on ai2.appinventor.mit.edu or use the production MIT App Inventor companion from the Google Play store?

No , I didn’t got any error .

Then you may want to merge our latest master into your master and try again. If that still doesn’t work, start a git bisect and mark your master as bad and our master as good, and it will help you find the change you made that reintroduced the bug.

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