Facemesh extension is not working


I'm trying the Facemesh extension, as shown at this tutorial: https://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/resources/ai/facemesh

However, I can't get it working. It simply does not show the camera at any moment. I built this app some months ago and it was working perfectly. I have also other apps that use the camera built with App Inventor and they work properly (I mean, there's no camera permissions issue in the MIT AI2 Companion app).

The extension does not work either in the .apk version. Older apps that previously worked aren't either working.

There's someone else that is facing this issue?

I'm trying it in an Android v.14.0 device.

Can someone help? Is this an issue with the Facemesh extension, an issue with the Facemesh+Android version or an issue with my device?