Face Tracking Extension Testing

This face tracker is based on the FaceExtension extension documented by Juan Antonio Villalpando here:

Get the extension here:

I first tested the http://kio4.com/appinventor/aplicaciones/p299D_puntosFace.aia
app then kept just the blocks that would allow the phone's camera to track my face as I turned the phone left and right. The app tracks 450 points on the face of the user, but for my purposes I chose to track only the bridge of the nose area which is at position 128. I only needed the camera to track my face in the x direction between 0 and 320 on the canvas. Two images were copied from Google Images of a woman with eyes open (the eyes were removed to reveal the transparent background) and closed.


The closed eyes image overlays the open eyes image to allow a more realistic timed eye blink. The moving eyes are captured frames from an animated gif at Eye Tracking Terminology - Eye Movements - Fast, Accurate, Reliable Eye Tracking

I kept only 11 of the 70+ frames in that animated gif using gimp image editor.

The captured frames are swapped out based on the value in x returned for the user's head position returned by the FaceExtension. The end result is the woman's eyes following the user left and right.



Here's the FaceFollower app:
FaceFollower.aia (3.3 MB)

I would like to know of a better way to calculate the values returned by the multiples function in this app if you can think of one!

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