[F/OS] 🔴 CircularProgress - Rotating Progress Indicator

:computer: Introduction

A non-visible extension that contains a circular running artifact that can be used to indicate loading.

:clock5: Version: 2

:package: Package name: com.gordonlu.circularprogress.aix

:date: Release date: 2022-04-18T09:00:00Z

:hammer_and_wrench: Built with: Niotron IDE

Here are some points you need to notice:

  • the container should only contain the circular progress, just like the RatingBar extension by AppyBuilder. If you have other components in the container, the circular progress bar will overlap the components.

  • set the height and width of the container to the desired height or width of the circular progress, the extension will automatically adjust.

  • each of the IDs of the circular progresses should be unique.

  • this extension only works if you have not set Theme of Screen1 to Classic

:open_book: Documentation



Creates a circular progress in the container. The container can be a vertical or a horizontal arrangement.

Parameters: container = component, id - number (int), color = color



Sets the color of the circular progress in the container, according to the given ID.

Parameters: container = component, id - number (int), color = color



Sets the visibility of the circular progress in the container, according to the given ID.

Parameters: container = component, id - number (int), visible = boolean

:camera: Blocks in usage

:+1: Credits

Thanks for @Anke for fixing bugs!

:inbox_tray: Downloads

AIX: com.gordonlu.circularprogress.aix (6.8 KB)

Progress_New.aia (8.5 KB)

JAVA: CircularProgress.txt (3.0 KB)

Made with Niotron IDE.

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Gordon Lu

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Why do you have three extensions in the aia? It could be confusing for users only wanting your extension.


And maybe add some example blocks or screenshots of the extension in use.

Woops, that was a mistake when I was testing the extension. Fixed it.

Ok, added it.

Please give us a screenshot of this extension. So I can understand if this extension meets my requirements or not.

The screenshot of demo blocks and the documentation is stated already.

No the screenshot of the demo. I want to see how the circle looks like.

It would be better (for learning purposes) if you would test it out by downloading the AIA. :slight_smile: Takes less than 30 seconds. It's just a simple extension.

Hi! I am competing in the 2023 Appathon and was wondering if I could have your permission as the creator of the extension to use it in my app. User @Anke had already told me I could use any of her extensions but I wanted to get your permission.


Also if this isn't the correct way to secure permission for using extensions for the Appathon pls let me know @ewpatton

Yes, you may use any of my extensions published in this community for the 2023 Appathon. Good luck!

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Should the circle animate? Animation doesn't work for me. The color is uniform, set with the InitializeProgres block, while SetColor doesn't seem to work. Testing on android 9.

Make sure your theme is not Classic.

Tested and working on Android 13.

I don't change anything in your aia test project. I also tried on Classic, the effect is the same. A circle is drawn, with a solid color without animation.
Perhaps one of the methods used requires a higher level api.

That's weird. I've never encountered such problem with the Device Default theme. I do know that the progress bar would be a solid circle on Classic theme, but I'll try to find out the cause.

Maybe the Samsung theme is messing something up. I will try in compiled apk.