[F/OS] 🧠 Artificial Intelligence and OpenAI!

La extensión com.gordonlu.openAI.aix no arranca en mi proyecto de AppInventor. Me devuelve una notificación: "Only the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its views. Expected: main Calling: Thread-25".
Pueden ayudarme?

Hello! I am facing some problem importing the extension. Basically the blocks are not showing when I click on the icon

How can I solve this ?

Thank you in advance!

What happens, when you refresh your browser?

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Nothing changes.... :sob:

When I click on "Any Components", the blocks of that part are showing!

But, I still can not use the main functionalities of API :sob:

Thank you for the extension, Gordon! I have ChatGPT-4 api and want to use its image description function. Would you please add the image upload in your extension? Thank you very much!

I want to ask about a chatbot project using the openAI extension, I have a problem checking my chatbot program. After I sent a question to the chatbot, the AI ​​didn't respond anything. Please help me to check where the problem is

I think you have to use model names like gpt-3.5-turbo or gpt-4, in that format

sorry, is it just typed like this?