[F/BETA] PressureSensor - Detect Current Pressure

:computer: Introduction

A non-visible extension that measures the ambient air pressure in units of hPa or mbar. Not all devices have a pressure sensor. To check whether a device does, use the Available block in this extension.

This works exactly like it should in AppyBuilder, and should also be like Kodular, because I modified the source code from AppyBuilder in GitHub to here. Thank you @Hossein!

This extension is currently under beta testing and may not work.

:date: Release date: 2022-05-09T07:00:00Z

:package: Package name: com.gordonlu.pressuresensor

:clock5: Version: 1

:hammer_and_wrench: Built with: Niotron IDE

:open_book: Documentation

Event blocks



This event is fired when the pressure detected has changed.

Parameters: pressure = number (float), altitude = number (float)

Property blocks

Altitude (read, blocks)


Returns the current altitude of the pressure sensor.

Requires: number (float)

Available (read, blocks)


Checks whether the pressure sensor is available on this device.

Requires: boolean

Distance (read, blocks)


Returns the distance of the pressure sensor. I am still figuring out the unit for this block.

Returns: number (float)

Enabled (read, write, designer, blocks)




Checks whether the sensor should be enabled.

Requires: boolean

KeepRunningWhenOnPause (read, write, designer, blocks)




Checks whether the sensor is keep running even when paused.

Requires: boolean

MaximumRange (read, blocks)


Requires: number (float)

Pressure (read, blocks)


Returns the pressure of the pressure sensor.

Requires: number (float)

:inbox_tray: Downloads

AIX: com.gordonlu.pressuresensor.aix (9.8 KB)

:+1: Credits

Thanks for Hossein!

Made with Niotron IDE.

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Gordon Lu

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If I blow into the charging port, could it detect that?

I'm thinking kazoo here.

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It depends if your phone has a pressure sensor. :slight_smile: