Extracting content of a single cell in Google Sheets into a text box

Hi – I’m an oldish dude (73 Yo) trying to teach myself some coding skills from scratch and am starting with ai2 so please go easy on me. I have done extensive searches and have not found an answer that I understand to the following.

I need to extract the content of cell E2 from the Google sheet and place the result in the text box (TB2) to the right of the “NUMBER IN =” label.I will use that result to trigger a Notification

The Formula for Cell E2 =Countif(C:C,"In")

The app is to inform the last person in a private Student boarding house to set
the alarm when they leave.So when Inners = 0 when they change status then the notifyer will kick in with a flashing notification telling them they are the last person in and to please set the alarm as they leave.

I have worked out how to fill the list etc but am stuck on placing the contents of a Google Sheet Cell in a text box.

id name status Timestamp Inners
1 John Out 23/01/2023 10:31:00 4
2 Davi Out 23/01/2023 10:30:38
3 Natasha In 23/01/2023 10:31:14
4 Ross Out 23/01/2023 10:36:47
5 Phill Out 23/01/2023 10:32:07
6 Zoli In 23/01/2023 10:32:18
7 Aimee Out 23/01/2023 10:31:28
8 Silindile In 23/01/2023 10:32:26
9 Sub Out 23/01/2023 10:34:18
10 Yolan In 23/01/2023 10:32:33

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This is the easiest way

  1. Set your spreadsheet to Public, anyone on the internet can find and view
  2. Drag out a web component
  3. Blocks as follows

Look in the address url bar when your spreadsheet is open to get the spreadsheet ID and the gid ID (number of specific sheet)

Just calling a single cell returns a value in responseContent


Thanks Tim for your very prompt response - that does look really simple - I will try it tomorrow as I am not able now.

Tested it - it worked perfectly as expected - kudos Tim - :smiley:

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