Extract Wording between 2 characters

Anybody help .May i how to extract wording between 2 characters > AND < as per sample below


The result should be : 001-110 ,6100,NA/M,10,1X60

Is this string always the same format? Where is it coming from?

The format as below image

The result should be : 001-110 ,6100,NA/M,10,1X60


i want the output result :001-110 ,6100,NA/M,10,1X60

Try it.

blocks are draggable. I can't test it myself because I don't have access to a computer.
Drag blocks to your block editor to prevent the block building from misreproducing.

Please provide 2 other samples so we can see the differences



Does the solution @Patryk_F gave you work?

I'm not sure if Split AT <, it will not give the first empty element of the list. Perhaps you will need to apply the protection in this way:

Where there are empty text boxes, there is actually a space that you can't see...

It works .Thank you Patryk_F, Peter ,Taifun


Another great solution. Thank you Juan_Antonio

Search this board for the Taifun Parse Procedure

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