Extract values from a json file

Have tried now for several hours to get the value "-10.3" out of the json file, but not successful. (The json file is has many more "parameters" than what I submitted). Does anyone have a good idea how I can get exactly "-10.3" out of that particular list where "name" = "t".

The json file is from a weather api with many different variables in it

Json File:
temp.json (357 Bytes)

The json file contains a few more "parameters" and all the "parameters" come in different orders all the time. How do I make it look up the part that contains ("name": "t",) and take out exactly that "values"?

Can you make a loop that tests if name = t and when it finds it retrieves values, and in that case what would such a code look like?

use this to get a list, loop this list to find what you need.

what do you mean by loop? because if I test it for all lists, how will it be able to extract "values" when "name = t"

list item is a dictionary, use get value at key path to get value, then compare it with t

managed to get it together

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