Extract numbers from a parenthesis

how can extract only the numbers from a parenthesis?. this is an example (1,2,3)?. its something a block that can extract only the content from a parenthesis and convert to list item?.

where did you got this numbers with a parenthesis?
Is it because this?

Or are you adding lists to a list view?

i get the values from a database using response content. i need extract this values for build a colum of every item of the list 1,2,3 and next call every list item.

no its about to get the result of other form. no list of lists

normally the return value should be like [1,2,3], not (1,2,3).
Did you tick the checkbox of ShowListAsJson?

no i dont check the option about json. if i check this, i get only the numbers inside [ ] ?

Yes, which is probably a list, you can then extract the numbers from there using the:



If it is a stringified list, use this block from the web component:


to convert it to an AI2 list