Extract items after list picking

Hi Dears,
I wrote some blocks for extracting some information from my Database. For step by step data filtering i need to extract item 10 at below codes for selected item (via listpicker)

and use it in next step. how i can do that?

You don't mention what your next step is, so I assume you want to use your JOIN of those 3 columns (parts of a person's name?) to select a row from your filter results from ListPicker1.

Your ListPicker1.AfterPicking event (should really be called lpkProjects) should be outputting two lists:

  • your global UsersForListPicker, and
  • a parallel list global DataBaseListThisProject, consisting of copies of the rows in global DataBaseList that passed the Project comparison.

The lengths of those lists should match, to facilitate use of the SelectionIndex from your next List Picker, ListPicker2, to pinpoint which row in global DataBaseListThisProject has the data you want.

I am guessing your original global DataBaseList should be called PeopleAndProjects?

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thanks a lot i do that with parallel list. thanks again.

In anticipation of your next step, I recommend reading

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