Extention import fail

Hello All!
I need your knowledge and help while working on my app I try to re-import (update) existing extension com.gmail.sp5nzf.kuba.ham (!) and I get this error:

Where is "on the server", how to delete it from there and where to look for it (I can manually edit aia if this is a problem). ?
NOTE: It could happen that my 2nd extension hamgridsquare had for a while (until 1st upload to ai) same package name com.gmail.sp5nzf.kuba.ham later changed to com.gmail.sp5nzf.kuba.hamgridsquare and then all loaded ok.
If I remove ham extension it loads again (prefer not to do it again).
Best regards, Kuba

it already has been imported into your project earlier
normally a new version overwrites the old version, in your case an error occurred

to delete that extension from your project manually, export your project, open it using 7zip, go to the folder assets/external_comps and remove the subdirectory i.e. extension you like to remove, then import the modified project into App Inventor

Please backup your project first…


Thanks ! Going to test ASAP!

will not open claiming missing extension :frowning:

Ok... I think, you get that error message, because you changed the package name of the extension...
So you have to remove all blocks from the old extension and use the blocks from the new extension

You might want to restart from the backup...


Works fine. I re-invented all the blocks that disappeared when I removed old extension and now it upgrades fine. Thanks.

On the other hand I still do not know how to refactor my app in AI:

I'd like to find all occurrences of particular block in case I need to:
a) replace one function by another (e.g. I want to replace procedure designed from 100 standard blocks by single call to newly built extension)
b) replace one extension or procedure with another one.

I do not know how to make search working inside (collapsed) procedures.
IMHO refactoring is a good thing new programmers should master...


Great, which means, this thread is solved
For further non related questions please first do a search in the community and then start a new thread