Extensions that are open source

Thanks! If you or anyone knows of big extensions that are open source so I can study to become better I would greatly appreciate it!

see for example the MIT App Inventor extensions here

you can check the source code on GitHub


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

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Hi thanks for the reply, I see about 8 source code options there, and it appears they are not all written in java? I figured they were all in java :open_mouth: Is that a list of all the open ones? At first glance it seems they would not be a good fit for my learning but i didnt actually open any of them yet in the hopes i can open one like your tools extension which works with lots of random stuff, any like that? :D.

Otherwise if you know of any specific good example written in java It would be awesome. (maybe one on the list you gave is fine...) By the way thanks very much for your extensions, are any of them open? I was trying earlier to look at some of the code I have a feeling i would learn a lot since I dont actually know how to code in java :smiley: Thanks!!!

I just want to learn the overall code strategies used and such, Like I woke up today and realised I should not have made this into 2 files, but 1.. i think :smiley:

Here is a very good (big) extension (with source code) that you can learn a lot from:


Oh great, the single only component I have found not to work with my watch is the webview. but the point is to learn the code structure so I'll be opening that one right now and browsing it, thank you very much! If you think of any other though just because of the above lol.

Edit: yeah this is great anke thanks, I think I already got my time full now :slight_smile: tyty

You can't really develop an extension in a language other than Java, so I'm confused by your claim that the extensions we've written aren't (especially given the fact I've authored many of them). Some of them have JavaScript components (namely the machine learning ones), but the interface is always defined in Java. You may also want to follow the tutorial on how to create an extension in section 3 of the extension overview:


Well take it as a clear sign of my ignorance, and thanks for correcting me, it must have just been a dependency that was needed. But yeah I couldn't even find the source files from the first link of all the extensions :S

vknow360's code has helped me so so much!! THANKS!! I will try to find yours next ewpatton :S