Extensions Problem

Hello, I recently downloaded the left-right side menu extension of DEEP HOST, but I have two problems;
First I’m on MIT APP INVENTOR and I can’t put logos corresponding to the screen change buttons (see my picture).
Secondly, I have a problem creating my final project, because each time there is a project compilation error (as with many extensions), do you know how to fix this problem?
I don’t know if this will help, but when I open it. aia from the developer I have this message which appears:There was a problem loading this project. Unable to load the project with Form version 40 (maximum known is version 27).

Thank you in advanceSide_Menu_Demo.aia (222.5 KB)

It seems you are using Kodular. Builders are to different so you should ask your question in the community of the builder you use. Problem will be that on the Kodular community questions about extensions from Deephost are not allowed simply because he doesn't support the extensions he develops. I strongly advise against using his extensions because of that.

Hello no I use MIT APP INVENOR, and when we download the . aix, there is a check box for MIT APP INVENTOR so it seems to be supported

Still i will give the same advise. Don't use products from Deephost because he simply doesn't support his products. He isn't even a member of this community.

Okay, do you have an equivalent supported by MIT APP INVENTOR

You can look for extensions here, this is a list maintained by @Taifun


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