Extension to download a file to ASD (app-specific directory) without WRITE permission


So, can anything be done about the "file downloaded" notification?

Does that mean you don't want the notification to appear?

Yes. It also makes a sound.

Try this version of my extension:

Note: You have to add this line to the Manifest:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.DOWNLOAD_WITHOUT_NOTIFICATION" />

The app doesn't build with this extension :neutral_face:

In other news, here is an extension that just adds the permission in the manifest.

tsf.download-without-notification-permission.aix (3.9 KB)

I imported this version of the my extension (DownloadToASD_notifHidden.aix) from Kodular to AI2, built the APK (no issues!) and add this line in the Manifest:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.DOWNLOAD_WITHOUT_NOTIFICATION" />

I tested it on an Android 11 device:
It works and no notification apears.
So check it on your device.

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@anonwins This permission is now declared in the Manifest:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.DOWNLOAD_WITHOUT_NOTIFICATION" />

with the new version of my extension:
DownloadToASD_notifHidden2.aix (7.6 KB)

Note: Use this version of the extension only if you don't want a notification while / after downloading.

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I imported the extension in another project and it works indeed. So I guess there's some kind of incompatibility with the extensions in the project. I'll check more into it

Which extensions?

It turns out it's the Taifun Package Manager extension. They don't build together.

Anyway, I now use PkgUtils instead of TaifunPM, as it can do the same and much more.

Thank you @Anke and @everyone

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Works great in built apk, but in the companion it gives execution error:
Screenshot 2021-08-27 at 06-01-41 MIT App Inventor
Perhaps you could bypass it if we are in companion environment? If it's easy, which I think might be. Thank you :slight_smile:

I believe the error occurs because the DOWNLOAD_WITHOUT_NOTIFICATION permission doesn't exist in the companion app.

Yes, exactly.

Hi again,

I noticed that the file downloading doesn't stop, even if we close the app (and from android settings > force close). This, while it's great, sometimes is unwanted. Can anything be done about it?

If the file is big enough, it can eat up the user's mobile data credit.

I think of two possible ways (though I have no idea how things work):

  • provide a stopDownload block
  • when the download is requested, don't detach it from the app, or attach it to the app

Thanks :slight_smile:
Fotios Tisfo TSF Anonwins

edit: I managed to cancel the download (by sending a request to the server :rofl:) but I see there is an automatic retry after ~40 seconds.. Perhaps we would be able to modify this instead? Thanks again

Hi Anke,

great extension. Works very well with one exception...
On the first screen of my app I've added the extension 2 times:

  • during screen innitialize I've added it as "dl_pliki_csv" to download some CSV file updates
  • after button click I've added it as "dl_app" to download the updated APK file

There is a .DownloadCompleted event for "dl_app", but it is triggered on screen innitialize (as it would be an event for "dl_pliki_csv". I'm uploading the relevant blocks.

PS: as a functionality, you could add a true/false file overwrite function.

With only one extension dragged into the designer:


In Android 9, I can download the file to the ASD (Screen1.DefaultFileScope: Cache, Legacy, Private...). I think it will also be possible on Android 11.

borrar_bajar_arch.aia (2.0 KB)


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Dankeee Anke! :wink:


Yes, but you need WRITE permission for that (which of course shouldn't be the case).
If you deny storage permission you get
Error 908: ... WRITE has been denied ...

On Android 11 WRITE must be declared in the Manifest (which doesn't make any sense at all).
I've already reported these bugs ...

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Working fine in Android 10 and Android 11.
Is good idea event DownloadCompleted return fileName like Web.GotFile.
In this case I can do this:

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Here is an example to download multiple files to the ASD and replace the files that have already been download before:

downloadToAsd.aia (10.0 KB)

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