Extension Suggestion: Simultaneous Video recording with Front & Back Camera

Vloggers, Interviewers, News Reporters have the challenge to simultaneously record the interview partner and themselve.

The Samsung S7 Edge had a feature allowing simultaneous Video recording with Front & Back Camera.

In order to bring that feature into state of the art smartphones, I propose to create an extension allowing to add that feature inte app inventore Apps.

Many thanks!


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Hello Tilman

Do you mean you are going to write an extension or is this a suggested extension for others to write?

Good luck creating it. I look forward to seeing it.

Hello Chris,
this is a suggested extension for others to write - unfortunately, I am not skilled enough to write extensions.

So Extension Developers - you have been challenged!

Here is a YouTube Video describing the need and linking to code on Git Hub. There are others for you to explore too.

Using the newer Camera2 API