[Extension SUGGESTION] One UI type Layout Extension

I want this GitHub - Yanndroid/OneUI-Design-Library: OneUI design and functionality library for android apps. in app inventor as an extension I am waiting from years to make one ui type ui for my app please make one good extension and distribute it for free if possible.

Preview 1

Preview2 CAUTION! It's of 44.2 MB gif image.
Yes I agree Open it

Demo APK Download: Github Link

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Can anyone please at least make title and sidebar extension that title effect is just amazing I really like it.

@TIMAI2 I think extension should be present in title what do you think?

Woops, I accidentally deleted it. Fixed it.

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If it's that much complicated then at very least I am expecting extension for progress bar that uses one ui theme.

Not going to get far with demands like this....


The library you are suggesting have good amount of resources file. As extension doesn't support aar dependency, a developer may have to spend lot of time in modifying the library.

I think you can make same layouts you have shown in first post using already available extensions.

However, If you just need the extension with this dependency, you can hire an extension developer or place an amount you can pay. An extension developer may contact you.

Good luck :+1:

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For example?

Update: Devs deprecated this library and they are now working on this new one: GitHub - OneUIProject/sesl: One UI libraries for Android apps.

in the lib you have provided there are different types of views maybe you can specify which one you want.

Sometimes you do not need to use extensions. When I make apps that needs to be published to the gallery (i.e. no extensions allowed), I use Google Drawings to make backgrounds of cards, bars, etc. With the help of Google Drawings and arrangements, Iā€™m all set. Find it out.

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I want all the components of one ui but for now I will be happy with the appbar only see.
Also you will have to use the old library because new library is not yet ready.