EXTENSIÓN program.ar.gus.socket.aix

Alguien podria pasarme un link de descarga de la extensión "program.ar.gus.socket.aix"
No la pude encontrar y la necesito.


I found the extension in this book: https://www.unicef.org/argentina/media/10516/file/planea-3-p1-compu.pdf

The extension name is Socket Cliente Mural Interactivo, which means Interactive Client Wall Socket in Spanish.

The extension is related to these websites https://program.ar/ and http://www.fundacionsadosky.org.ar/

Can not find the extension though.

Translated part of the text.

Do we have Sockets in App Inventor? The App Inventor platform does not have primitive commands available (blocks) required to work with sockets. That is why it will be necessary to add an external component. We will use the "SocketClient" extension of the Sadosky Foundation.
• From the App Inventor development environment create a new project.
• Include the extension "program.ar.gus.socket.aix".

Yes, what I only see are blocks demonstrating the extension, no download sources.

Hola, no puedo descargar la extensión, ¿podrias enviarmela por favor?

Es exactamente lo que me pasa, no puedo encontrar la extensión para descargarla.

I can't find it too.