Extension or anything useful to recognize a marker image using the camera

Hello guys, I am start to design a simple app that should recognize an image (a marker) and open a specific file that may be a video, audio or pdf/text file. I uploaded a pdf showing an example of markers, I plan to do not use more then 32 different markers at the moment but I could generate 1024 different markers of the same type. I would know if exists an extension or anything useful to recognize animage among a set of pre-defined images.
tabella-markers-32.pdf (207.2 KB)

Some suggestions....


My application is similar to read a QR code but I should recognize a simpler pattern... is it possible to use/modify the barcode component to read custom "QR" code formats as mine or similar? This type of marker should be simple to read also from a couple of meters away. But if I would be able to read a QR code from the same distanze it is also a solution for me taking care I can not print a QR code larger then 45x45 mm.

the mark can be divided into 7x7 pieces, each piece is black or white, that generate a pattern, then find the pattern in pattern list.
the point is how to get the mark and change it to a rectangle/square.

yes, correct it is a simplified form of QR code without anything to correct noise and errors