Extension extract from aia

How can I extract an extension from aia when extension site is off ?

I hope this is not possible..

Why hope ?

But why do you want to extract it?

I think the devs don't want people to do such mischief...

You can use Wayback Machine (just in case)

Why not just get the extension from its web page ?

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It is possible

Hi @patel
Open the aia file with 7 zip or winrar
Go to assets folder
go to External comps
Copy the extension folder to your desktop
Compress the extension folder to zip
Then change format to aix by renaming
And enjoy :grinning:

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Sometimes the wayback machine is not work

Yes, I think as long as you're just doing this internally for your own purposes, that should be fine.

However, you may not post the AIX directly or distribute it anywhere else without permission from the extension developer.

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Exactly :ok_hand:

Why did you tag me? You are directly replying to my reply!

Sorry :sweat_smile: :joy:

Because the web page does not exist anymore

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See my post

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Hi Alireza, many tanks for your suggestion, I have now the aix file, it runs well


If you had searched the community, you would have found this:

Thank You Tim

As I already told you, there is also another extension for this:

I remember well, but I'm curious, I wanted to know if it can be done and how, my projects will never be published