Extension Document Generator - Generate Docs For Your Extension In A Single Click

Are you an extension developer? If so, you know how tedious it can be to properly document all the blocks and functionality in your extensions. The manual process of capturing screenshots, describing each block, and compiling it into comprehensive documentation is very time-consuming.

Well, there's good news! A new tool called the Extension Documentation Generator makes it incredibly easy to automatically generate complete documentation for your AIX extensions with just a single click.


With this handy tool, all you have to do is upload the extension here and this tool will analyse the extension and produce a full set of documentation, including:

  • Detailed descriptions of every block in your extension
  • Clear images/screenshots of each block's appearance
  • Listings of the block properties, inputs, and outputs

The generated documentation is professionally formatted so that you can easily share it with the community.

Not only does this save you huge amounts of time and effort compared to manually documenting everything, but it ensures your documentation is comprehensive and accurate. No more unintentionally leaving out important details!

:warning: Important

:warning: This tool does not store your extension anywhere nor does the developer of this website have access to any extension uploaded here. But still, if you are insecure about uploading your paid extension here, you can simply delete classes.jar and AndroidRuntime.jar from your extension (.aix) file before uploading it here.

Currently helper blocks are not supported by this tool. However, I'll look forward to add support for it in future.

Access The Tool


New Update v1.1

--> Changed block colours. Now they are the same as in AppInventor2.
--> Added option to save documentation as a PDF file.
--> Fixed the extension name not written on Event Blocks.

Clear cache and start using :fire:

That was needed :slight_smile:

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Do I need to put attribution somewhere?

Btw, it is not copying blocks image in docs for me.

It's not mandatory but the attribution automatically gets copied when you click copy documentation.

It doesn't copy the images to clipboard. For that you need to download all the blocks as zip file and then manually add them to the copied documentation.

If the image block could be copied from here it would be much easier and documentation could be created much faster @AkshatRana

The blocks are rendered using google's blockly library. So its not in the form of an image. That's why its not possible to copy them along with documentation text.