Extension development using external libraries


I am still learning extension development and curious to know about developing extension using external libraries.

After searching community, I got to know that we need to import .jar file, but where i can get .jar file in GitHub page of a specific library.

Anyone could you please show which type of external libraries we can use, how to find .jar file, importing it in Niotron IDE and simple code example showing implementation will be much appreciated.

I am using Niotron IDE for developing extension, I have posted same thread threr but no one is active there to respond, I may get any response here. Thanks.

Search the library in Maven Repository. You'll have a good chance that the developer published the JAR file there, such as org.json for the JSON library.

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Have you ever published any open source extension that uses external libraries?

Yes, the JSON library for the OpenAI extension.

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