Extension Client FTP. Create Web Server, FTP Server in PC with small file 194 Kb

In this topic we are going to see:

  • How to create a Web and FTP Server on our PC with a small 194 Kb file.
  • A ClientFTP extension to upload and download files from our App to a PC.


1.- Download shttps_mg.exe (194 Kb) from http://smallsrv.com/

[Also for LINUX]

2.- Run shttps.exe

3.- Let's go to this folder:

4.-Click http.exe and our web server will start.
[Perhaps the Windows Firewall window will appear indicating that you want to open port 80 to serve web pages. We accept.]

5.- We must know the local IP of our computer, for this we go to the Command Prompt (cmd) and write ipconfig.

6.- In the www folder we put our web pages and their images.

  • It is convenient that the initial page of our website is called index.htm

7.- Any user from our local network who writes our IP in a browser, for example, will observe our web page.


2.- Web Server Configuration.

In a browser we write:


3.- FTP Server Configuration.

Uncheck Disable FTP server (Restart need)

  • Add users to FTP. Click on Users & Virtual Hosts.

  • Add juan.

4.- Extension KIO4_FTPClient.

com.KIO4_FTPClient.aix (285.8 KB)

p174C_extension_FTP.aia (320.2 KB)


It is convenient that the files are in the ASD.